Discipline: Perfectionism is an illusion

Discipline:Perfectionism is an illusion Hello, My Friends Perfection is an illusion. We fall into the perfection trap when we believe that we can only earn love, acceptance, appreciation and many other emotional needs. We are taught unwittingly, I believe by those raising us, that when do something they like, then we get rewarded.That reward mightContinue reading “Discipline: Perfectionism is an illusion”

Discipline: Self-sabotage is an inside job

Discipline: Self-Sabotage is an inside Job Hello, My Friends Self-sabotage is an inside job, it is something we do to ourselves, not intentionally. Often we find it difficult to understand why we continually undo all the good work by doing things that cause us to falter. Everything begins with a thought, even self-sabotage. The oneContinue reading “Discipline: Self-sabotage is an inside job”

Discipline: Glass belief and Self-sabotage

Discipline: Glass Beliefs and Self-Sabotage Hello, My Friends We will never be able to do what we really want to do, have or be, until we shift the way we see ourselves. If we see ourselves as being only a factory worker, a gardener, a service attendant when our soul desires to be a businessContinue reading “Discipline: Glass belief and Self-sabotage”

Discipline: Not good enough vs Worthiness

Discipline: Not good enough vs Worthiness. Hello, My Friends Life is for living. Are you living yours? Or are you marking time, waiting?What are you waiting for? I was waiting for some one to rescue me. I wanted the knight in shining armour to whisk me away from all my problems.My greatest problem, I believedContinue reading “Discipline: Not good enough vs Worthiness”

Discipline: Resistance & Rebellion

Discipline: Resistance and Rebellion Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk about resistance and rebellion.When you feel like someone is imposing their will on you, with their rules and regulations. Do you resist or do you rebel?There is a subtle difference between resisting and rebelling. Resisting tends to be more internal, whereas rebelling tendsContinue reading “Discipline: Resistance & Rebellion”

Discipline: Pain vs Pleasure

Discipline: Pain vs Pleasure Hello, My Friends Everything you do, you do for the feeling you believe you will gain from the doing of it.Everything you purchase, you purchase for the belief that it will give you pleasure, or reduce some form of pain. Everything you have, you have because you believed it would giveContinue reading “Discipline: Pain vs Pleasure”

Discipline: Internal & External controls

Discipline: Internal & External Controls Hello, My Friends Do you feel in control of your life? Most of us at some stage in our lives have the feeling of being in control.And all of us have felt the feeling of being out of control.That may look different for each of us on the surface, butContinue reading “Discipline: Internal & External controls”

Discipline: Disappointment & Self-punishment

Discipline: Disappointment and self punishment Hello, My Friends Did you brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand?What did that feel like? Weird huh, we’ve been brushing our teeth for years, and yet when you put that little brush in the other hand it feels weird.What were some of the things your brain told you aboutContinue reading “Discipline: Disappointment & Self-punishment”

Discipline: Fear verses Love

Discipline: Fear verses Love. Hello, My Friends We have a couple of ways we can look at discipline.One is the way I grew up looking at it. Being disciplined was something to be feared. Being disciplined meant I was about to be punished, or I was about to lose something I valued.This form of disciplineContinue reading “Discipline: Fear verses Love”

Disciplined Defined

Discipline: Defined Hello, My Friends Welcome to a brand new month.This month we’re going to be talking about discipline. Self-discipline, is an art and we can learn it. As is normal for the first day, we will have a look at the definition of discipline through the lens that I want to look at itContinue reading “Disciplined Defined”