Discipline: Feeling Discomfort

Discipline: Feeling discomfort. Hello, My Friends Everything you want is on the other side of discomfort.If it wasn’t uncomfortable or unfamiliar, you’d have it already. What is so bad about feeling uncomfortable emotionally, that we run for miles from it, we procrastinate, we feign illness, we stay in our little circles?The feeling of discomfort andContinue reading “Discipline: Feeling Discomfort”

Discipline: Reframe your view

Discipline: Reframe your View. Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk about reframing your view of discipline. Because everything begins with a thought and each one of us gets to decide what we want to think we can change any point of view we want. Everything you want that you don’t currently have isContinue reading “Discipline: Reframe your view”

Discipline: Become a disciple.

Discipline: Become a disciple. Hello, My Friends What are you a disciple of? A disciple is a follower, or believer of a leader, a teacher, a philosophy, or an idea. What are you a disciple of? Who do you follow, or what ideas do you dabble in?We often equate a disciple with the biblical charactersContinue reading “Discipline: Become a disciple.”

Discipline: 7 Anti-Procrastination tools

Discipline: Anti procrastination tools Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk a bit about procrastination. This is one of the number one stoppers of our achieving our desired results. We distract ourselves from our true intention. How many times have you gone onto the internet to research something, to find yourself wandering off intoContinue reading “Discipline: 7 Anti-Procrastination tools”

Discipline: Your compelling why

Discipline: Your compelling why Hello, My Friends What is the reason you want to improve your life? Without a compelling why, all our good intentions wash away with the first rainy day. What are the reasons you do what you do?Do you do them for recognition? Do you do them for the respect you gain?Continue reading “Discipline: Your compelling why”

Discipline: Make your own rules

Discipline: Make your own rules. Hello, My Friends Discipline that comes from you, is so much easier to maintain because you set the rules.I learned a saying a long time ago. “HE WHO MAKES THE RULES WINS” When someone makes the rules they generally set the stage for success. Who wants to set up somethingContinue reading “Discipline: Make your own rules”

Discipline: Internal Drive

Discipline: Internal drive Hello, My Friends Who has the greatest influence on you?Why do you allow these people to influence you? What draws you into your day?Do you have a goal, that is drawing you into your future? When you live into a purpose, you have something that you are aiming for, something that actsContinue reading “Discipline: Internal Drive”

Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Deprivation

Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Deprivation Hello, My Friends When my mind was undisciplined it ran around dabbling in the lives of everyone around me. I didn’t have control of myself so I tried to control everyone and everything around me. I began to build trust in myself, through disciplining my mind.It’s not like I wasn’tContinue reading “Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Deprivation”

Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Unruly Child

Discipline: An undisciplined mind is like an unruly child. Hello, My Friends An undisciplined mind is like an unruly child in a candy store.This child is unrestrained, bouncing from one candy jar to another.They are loud, demanding. They are an accident waiting to happen, and when it does they claim it wasn’t their fault. AnContinue reading “Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Unruly Child”

Discipline: Habits live in your mind

Discipline: Habits live in your mind. Hello, My Friends Discipline begins in the mind.Are you ready to change your mind about discipline? When we are disciplined from the place of supporting ourselves, rather than punishing oursleves, we will find that discipline is very freeing. What habits do you have in your life that you don’tContinue reading “Discipline: Habits live in your mind”