Dynamic Living: Imaginary Shopping, Discover what you really want.

Dynamic Living: Imaginary shopping, discover what you really like. Hello, My Friends Let’s put on our dynamic living imaginifying hats.Yesterday I said that dynamic people live in the vision they have for their future.They focus on what they want, and do the things that need to be done to get these things. What about you?DoContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Imaginary Shopping, Discover what you really want.”

Dynamic Living: Be the Conqueror

Dynamic Living; Be the conqueror Hello, My Friends Asking this one question gives your brain something to focus on? What do I want to see in my life? How do I want to live my life? As I began on this journey, I was asking myself over and over, what fear is stopping me fromContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Be the Conqueror”

Dynamic Living: Live today like there is no tomorrow.

Dynamic Living: Live today, like there is no tomorrow. Hello, My Friends Continuing on with the theme from yesterday and putting ourselves into new situations, today I want to delve into the types of things we can do that will expand our points of view. We talked about following your passion, or the nagging thingContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Live today like there is no tomorrow.”

Dynamic Living: Comfort Zone and Learning Zone

Dynamic Living: Comfort Zone and Learning Zone. Hello, My Friends Building on yesterday’s goal setting, today I want to move you into your learning zone. Firstly what is a learning zone?I’m assuming you have heard of a comfort zone. A comfort zone is where you know what to do, how to behave. You have doneContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Comfort Zone and Learning Zone”

Dynamic Living: Have an inspiring goal.

Dynamic Living: Have an inspiring goal. Hello, My Friends Have you ever wondered how some people get so many things done?It’s a bit of yesterdays tip, they set intentions. They know what result they want to achieve. Also a dynamic person sets goals that inspire them. Recently I found a definition that spoke about theContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Have an inspiring goal.”

Dynamic Living: Many Mini Destinations

Dynamic Living: Many mini destinations. Hello, My Friends Within the final destination, there are multiple mini destinations, and we get to choose each one of these. Every stage of our life has a mini destination attached to it.When we are raising children, getting them ‘safely as possible’ to adulthood is part of the destination.When weContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Many Mini Destinations”

Dynamic Living: A recovering Doer

Dynamic Living: A recovering doer… Hello, My Friends There are times in life when every day seems to be exactly as the day before.Everything feels like same ole, same ole. You’ve gotten into a routine, it may be a very efficient routine but it leaves you running on automatic. The thing I am learning isContinue reading “Dynamic Living: A recovering Doer”

Dynamic Living: Boredom is a state of mind.

Dynamic Living: Boredom is a state of mind. Hello, My Friends Today I thought I’d go a little deeper into boredom. I see boredom every where.People living lives of “quiet desperation”Treading water so to speak, to keep their heads above water.People who are not finding joy in the things that are right in front ofContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Boredom is a state of mind.”

Dynamic Living: Choices Change Lives

Dynamic Living: Choices change lives. Hello, My Friends Who are you? Do you know who you are?No comments, what is going on?Do you all know exactly who you are? Challenge for you: step into some thing that inspires you even scares you a little. Dynamic people know who they are, they make choices and thenContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Choices Change Lives”

Dynamic Living: Energy Drainers

Dynamic Living: Energy Drainers Hello, My Friends The thing about dynamic people is they know who they are.Like confident people they have taken time to get to know themselves. They are under no illusion of their negative traits, also they don’t need to brag and exaggerate their positive traits either. Being comfortable with who theyContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Energy Drainers”