Confidence: Obstacles are Opportunities turned inside out.

Confidence: Obstacles are Opportunities turned inside out. Hello, My Friends On the flip side of every obstacle is an opportunity. It is important to know what your obstacles are and how they may derail your intention to become more confident.Growth lies within obstacles and hence the opportunity to improve your confidence.I wish I could tellContinue reading “Confidence: Obstacles are Opportunities turned inside out.”

Confidence: How to identify a rescuer

Confidence: How to identify a rescuer. Hello, My Friends Let’s talk a little more about rescuers, these are the people who come along and help you out of a tight spot.The people who give you a hand up, and a light so you can see the path you are walking on will always allow youContinue reading “Confidence: How to identify a rescuer”

Confidence: Non-verbal Statements

Confidence: Your Non-verbal statements. Hello, My Friends What are your non-verbal statements, the things you think about yourself but never quite admit to yourself. These might appear as excuses, or that’s just reality, or they might appear from the way other people treat you.Sometimes we use other people or situations as a crutch so weContinue reading “Confidence: Non-verbal Statements”

Confidence: Personal Style

Confidence: Personal Style. Hello, My Friends What is your personal style? Confidence is enhanced when you are feeling well dressed, and well prepared. Everyone of us has a style, the question is did you choose your style on purpose or did it fall together? And it doesn’t matter what your style of style is, whatContinue reading “Confidence: Personal Style”

Confidence: Gather Evidence

Confidence: Gather Evidence Hello, My Friends Faith and action are part of the cycle of gathering evidence. Evidence is the result of your action. When evidence is mixed with discipline and self belief it confidence grows. You begin to see yourself in a new way.You begin to show up in ways that hold yourself accountable.YouContinue reading “Confidence: Gather Evidence”

Confidence: Faith and Action

Confidence: Faith and Action Hello, My Friends Confidence is an attitude you wear, it is a don’t mess with me safety guard.Confidence states I know what I’m about and I’m on a mission. Confidence is learning to trust yourself. To listen to that little whisper that nudges you gently. Or not so gently sometimes.When youContinue reading “Confidence: Faith and Action”

Confidence: Comes from within You.

Confidence: Comes from within you. Hello, My Friends What gives you the certainty that you know what you know? Experience?Education?Positioning? These things add to the certainty of what you know. What gives you the confidence to be you? Without having to conform to other people’s point of view. Have you felt that knowing that comesContinue reading “Confidence: Comes from within You.”

Confidence: You are where you need to be.

Confidence: You are where you need to be. Hello, My Friends The way we view life is the way we live life. What I mean by this is, if we expect life to be hard, it will be.If we believe the world is a dangerous place to be, that is what we will see, andContinue reading “Confidence: You are where you need to be.”

Confidence: Knowing you can do it.

Confidence: Knowing you can do it. Hello, My Friends How do you know you can do something? How do you know you can drive a car?Does sitting the test let you know you can drive the car?Does owning the car let you know you can drive the car?Does talking about and thinking about driving theContinue reading “Confidence: Knowing you can do it.”

Confidence: Belief in Yourself.

Confidence: Belief in yourself Hello, My Friends When you believe in yourself it doesn’t really matter what other people say or think, you have confidence that you can do what you are planning on doing. Confidence comes from doing, it also comes from being. Following on from the month of discipline, confidence grows when weContinue reading “Confidence: Belief in Yourself.”