Inner Strength Overcomes Fear

Strength is the inner fortitude to carry on when life gets tough. Picture by x) @speckfecta at Hello, My Friends This week has seen guy fawkes, come and go. The celebration of guy fawkes with fireworks is historic, dating back to old English times. When Mr. Fawkes and his crew decided to blow upContinue reading “Inner Strength Overcomes Fear”

Love Letter From Omni

Hello, My Friends This week has seen witches walking the streets, a cute as little lion, with lion ears popping out of his costume. I’ve seen dad’s dressed as zombies, mum’s dressed as fairies. The little girl twirling in her special dress, with the best purple witches hat I’ve ever seen. Two little boys withContinue reading “Love Letter From Omni”

How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.

Hello, My Friends What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Do you have a routine you follow when life has knocked the wind out of your sails? This week I have found life doing what life does best, it keeps on trucking on, no matter how I’m feeling about what isContinue reading “How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.”

Blame: Whose fault is it anyway?

Hello, My Friends I hope you have had a week of blessings, that what you have put out into the Universe has come back to you. That has been my experience this week. When you put out confidence, confidence comes back to you. When you put out fear, fear comes back to you in manyContinue reading “Blame: Whose fault is it anyway?”

Use Your BUTS to Benefit YOU.

Thoughts create actions. Goal cards are passports to the future. Goal Cards create focus. BUTS are the flags that warn of impending danger to achievement. Action creates evidence. Hello, My Friends This week, has seen our young grandson of 8, staying with us while his parents are working. We’ve had fun creating a knights helmet,Continue reading “Use Your BUTS to Benefit YOU.”

Accountability buddies enhance personal power.

An accountability buddy gives you the wings to be IMPERFECT so you can soar with confidence. Hello, My Friends This week has been a long one. We have been in level 4 lockdown. The thing is, this week has the exact same number of hours as last week, and the exact same number asContinue reading “Accountability buddies enhance personal power.”

Emotional Band-aids Don’t Work.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need courage to face them. To heal our emotional wounds, we need strength to feel them. To heal our emotional wounds, we need patience to heal them. To heal our emotional wounds, we need love to release them. Hello, My Friends Wow, what a wonderful week this has been.Continue reading “Emotional Band-aids Don’t Work.”

Germinate Your Seeds of Greatness.

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness. Zig Ziglar Hello, My Friends This week hubby and I went to the wharf and threw worms at the water, we had the intention of catching flounder, we were disappointed. The water was very dirty, the rain we’ve had recentlyContinue reading “Germinate Your Seeds of Greatness.”

A little light displaces the dark, a little thought creates life.

Light a candle in the darkest moments of life Think your thoughts on purpose Shine a light on your ideal future. Hello, My Friends This week has flown by, it seems that every day has been wet. I love rainy days they make me so appreciate having a warm and comfortable home to live in.Continue reading “A little light displaces the dark, a little thought creates life.”

Radars and Transmitters all go!

What you put out you get back. Check your transmitter is in top working order Check your sending signal is strong and accurate Check your authentic self is sending the signal. Hello, My Friends I’m trusting this is finding you safe and well, with all the unrest in the news at the moment, it isContinue reading “Radars and Transmitters all go!”