False Happiness vs True Happiness

Happiness is… The only thing that will make you truly happy is being happy with who you are. Goldie Hawn Hello, My Friends It’s been a busy week, everyday I’ve been doing a 60 days to sixty challenge, which, if you’re interested are documented on my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/linda.codlin. Happiness is … What is happinessContinue reading “False Happiness vs True Happiness”

Every day is a new day!

Sunrise from my deck. A one of a kind spectacular, For my enjoyment Every day is a completely new day, Never been lived before. Hello, My Friends Welcome to a brand New Year. 2022 has the promise to be what ever we want it to be. Do you believe that your life is already destinedContinue reading “Every day is a new day!”

Tiny Actions And Accountability

At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves -Our success is a result of what we do and who we are. Quote: Catherine Pulsifer Picture: Gantas Vaiciulenas on Unsplash Hello, My Friends As 2021 draws to an end, I tend to have a review of the previous year. This year has beenContinue reading “Tiny Actions And Accountability”

‘I am wanter’ & the ‘I have appreciator’.

What do you want to be in the gifts under the tree? What are you willing to do to become the “I am wanter”? What will it take for you to be an “I have appreciator”? With the New Year knocking at the door. I’ve been thinking at lot lately about “I wants”. The otherContinue reading “‘I am wanter’ & the ‘I have appreciator’.”

Wheels of Balance

Balancing the many facets of life is thrilling and scary. Being part of the process brings Satisfaction and Purpose Balance in your life is in your hands, you have the power to create. Hello, My Friends Life has a way of bringing up, things that I’ve hidden in the back ground. This week hubby wasContinue reading “Wheels of Balance”

Past Versions Of Who We Were.

Past secret are like haunted houses, You never know when they’re going to come alive. Deal with the secrets, Let the past rest in peace. Hello, My Friends What do you do when your not so pleasant past, comes flying at you like a steam train in full power? Do you duck and run? IContinue reading “Past Versions Of Who We Were.”

Inner Strength Overcomes Fear

Strength is the inner fortitude to carry on when life gets tough. Picture by x) @speckfecta at unsplash.com Hello, My Friends This week has seen guy fawkes, come and go. The celebration of guy fawkes with fireworks is historic, dating back to old English times. When Mr. Fawkes and his crew decided to blow upContinue reading “Inner Strength Overcomes Fear”

Love Letter From Omni

Hello, My Friends This week has seen witches walking the streets, a cute as little lion, with lion ears popping out of his costume. I’ve seen dad’s dressed as zombies, mum’s dressed as fairies. The little girl twirling in her special dress, with the best purple witches hat I’ve ever seen. Two little boys withContinue reading “Love Letter From Omni”

How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.

Hello, My Friends What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Do you have a routine you follow when life has knocked the wind out of your sails? This week I have found life doing what life does best, it keeps on trucking on, no matter how I’m feeling about what isContinue reading “How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.”

Blame: Whose fault is it anyway?

Hello, My Friends I hope you have had a week of blessings, that what you have put out into the Universe has come back to you. That has been my experience this week. When you put out confidence, confidence comes back to you. When you put out fear, fear comes back to you in manyContinue reading “Blame: Whose fault is it anyway?”