The Essence of Abundance

Look at the sunrise.Look at the sunset.The essence of abundance.The promise of beauty.The promise of a new day.The celebration of the end of a day.How did you care for what is in your care today?Abundance loves to be cherished, & appreciated. The essence of this law is that you must think abundance; see abundance, feelContinue reading “The Essence of Abundance”

Confirmation Bias

Have you noticed your words you those of someone else can have a huge impact on the emotions.By using your brain to tap into your emotions positively you can create momentum.Words and pictures have power, hence digital devices have so much sway. Use your words to create mental pictures of what you want. Use yourContinue reading “Confirmation Bias”

Money Mindset: Gratitude

Life doesn’t just happen to you. You receive in your life based on what you have given. Rhonda Byrne The energy you put out, is the energy you will receive. Hello My Friends This month we are talking about wealth, and the mindset that we have towards money.this mindset can be very difficult to uncover,Continue reading “Money Mindset: Gratitude”

Valuable Possessions

What do your possessions say about you?How attached are you to your things?Are you defining yourself by the things you own?You are more valuable than your possessions. True value resides not in possessions, True value resides not in wealth, True value resides in your soul. Hello, My Friends Hubby and I experienced a first thisContinue reading “Valuable Possessions”