Tracking Your Goals

Tracking your goals gives you incentive to continue to pursue them when life can be so distracting.This week I give you six ways you can track your progress on your goals. Hello, My Friends It’s the first official week of spring, and it feels like it too.It’s the beginning of the fourth quarter of theContinue reading “Tracking Your Goals”

12 Categories of Pleasure

Is life a chore?When was the last time you had some fun, true fun, laugh out loud, hold your sides fun?Pleasure is with us everywhere, we often get too busy to notice.Today’s 12 categories can help you tap into finding pleasure today. The more ways you introduce pleasure into your life, the more you willContinue reading “12 Categories of Pleasure”

Attention, Energy and You

Where do you place your attention and your energy?Are they creating a space for you to live in harmony with yourself and those close to you?How much of your attention is on things that are not interesting to you? What does my soul, spirit, authentic self need right now? How can I fulfill this needContinue reading “Attention, Energy and You”

Develops Interests.

How do you shake the boredom blues?Is your life in a rut?What new interests do you want to develop?Today I give you a challenge to shake off the boredom blues. How do you beat the boredom blues? Hello, My Friends The sun is shining, the wind has dropped off, it’s a lovely winters day.Hubby andContinue reading “Develops Interests.”

Create a Living Legacy Intentionally.

When it is time for you to leave this body, what do you most want to be remembered for?Three short generations and we can be completely forgotten.How would you like to be remembered?You can begin to create those memories now.Your intention & action What will you leave behind when you are not here? Who willContinue reading “Create a Living Legacy Intentionally.”

Graciously Grateful

When life isn’t going your way how do you handle it?Do you shut down?Do you blow up?Do you carry on and not let it been seen?Your emotions are your Friends, they are trying to tell you something.Gratitude opens the door to opportunities emotionally Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundationContinue reading “Graciously Grateful”

Everything You Do, Fills a Need.

Do you sometimes wonder why you do what you do?How you can be so polished in some areas of your life and not in others?Every action you take, every thought you think, and every feeling you have is designed to fill a need, whether you know it or not. Owning Your Own Home Earning MoneyContinue reading “Everything You Do, Fills a Need.”

Historical Beliefs

Do you have objects in your home that remind you of a certain time in your life?Does this object bring joyful or sorrowful memories with it?What emotions are wrapped in this object?The power of healing one object at a time.Forgive, Love, Discard. Objects can be limitations Places can be limitations People can be limitations ThoughtsContinue reading “Historical Beliefs”

Tracking gives instant rewards

Do you resist change?Why?Have you ever asked yourself that question?Why is it so hard to change?Positively reinforcing what you DO want helps to create an upward cycle of how you feel.How you feel affects what you do.Track one goal at a time. What you measure, you improve. Awareness brings change. Measuring is one form ofContinue reading “Tracking gives instant rewards”

Believe in your Brilliance

SIMPLICITY is the Key to BRILLIANCE -Bruce Lee Hello, My Friends This week has seen us settling into new routines.It takes a few weeks for a new routine to become more or less seamless.Once we stop resisting the changes and begin to move with them, and find the flow of being in a different way.WhatContinue reading “Believe in your Brilliance”