Courage to Grow

Do you have the courage to meet the situations on your journey head on?When a challenge presents itself, it is presenting us with an opportunity to grow, to gain more skills, to become more confident.You get to choose how you respond to your life. Inside every challenge is the opportunity for growth, Inside every challengeContinue reading “Courage to Grow”

What rules do you live by?

The unwritten rules of our lives guide all our thoughts.Which influence our actions.What are the top three rules you live by?Do they serve you?What would you rather have as a guide for your life?“What do YOU really want?” for your life. Hello, My Friends What rules do you live by? I was asked this question,Continue reading “What rules do you live by?”

Doing Hard Things

How do you deal with hard things?Do you file them in the too hard basket?Do you procrastinate on them?Do you allow them to take over your thinking and emotions until you can’t do anything?What if you could walk into the hard things with confidence? Hard is a relative term. What is hard for you, mayContinue reading “Doing Hard Things”

Historical Beliefs

Do you have objects in your home that remind you of a certain time in your life?Does this object bring joyful or sorrowful memories with it?What emotions are wrapped in this object?The power of healing one object at a time.Forgive, Love, Discard. Objects can be limitations Places can be limitations People can be limitations ThoughtsContinue reading “Historical Beliefs”

Small Decisions, Big Courage

Do make decisions to create a better life?What happens to those decisions and intentions?Do you follow then with courageous action?Without courageous action a decision is just a great thought. it’s when you follow through that it becomes reality. All it takes to change your life is the decision to do so, The courage to followContinue reading “Small Decisions, Big Courage”

Tracking gives instant rewards

Do you resist change?Why?Have you ever asked yourself that question?Why is it so hard to change?Positively reinforcing what you DO want helps to create an upward cycle of how you feel.How you feel affects what you do.Track one goal at a time. What you measure, you improve. Awareness brings change. Measuring is one form ofContinue reading “Tracking gives instant rewards”

You are NOT Alone.

Do you ever feel like you are the only one going through the whirlwind of life?You are not alone.Every other human being is also going through some sort of situation.Do you want to feel peace and calmness?It’s all in your thinking. Don’t ever give up hope, Even when life seems bleak and hopeless, Know thatContinue reading “You are NOT Alone.”

Personal Development

Are you tired of striving to have?Do you want to stop and breathe for a few moments?Where are you in your life?Are you enjoying the process of living your life?You are worthy, because you are.You can stop striving and be. Unlock your potential. Unfold your personality Ignite your passion YOU ARE WORTHY! Hello My Friends,Continue reading “Personal Development”

Believe in your Brilliance

SIMPLICITY is the Key to BRILLIANCE -Bruce Lee Hello, My Friends This week has seen us settling into new routines.It takes a few weeks for a new routine to become more or less seamless.Once we stop resisting the changes and begin to move with them, and find the flow of being in a different way.WhatContinue reading “Believe in your Brilliance”

Essential Food

Everything requires food to survive.Your soul requires food, Your body requires food, Your brain requires food.Everything is working for you, the question is how well is it serving you.We get to choose what we nourish ourselves with. Are we consuming and creating the kind of food that is healthy for us? Listen to your bodyContinue reading “Essential Food”