Confidence: Communication-CONVEY

Confidence: Communications-CONVEY Hello, My Friends Disappointment thrives on chaos and mis-communication.Disappointment creates barriers to healthy and wholesome conversation.Disappointment keeps people stuck in their box, not reaching out or connecting with others. Today we are going to look at connecting and communicating. Talking about what is really going on for you,Talking about the hard things. Emotions.WhyContinue reading “Confidence: Communication-CONVEY”

Confidence: Listen – Silence

Confidence: LISTEN or Silent Hello, My Friends Often when we are feeling discontented and our feelings need to be heard, they can have us acting out, being loud and trying to be heard, they can be moody and can use body language to manipulate how others feel.Nobody likes to be ignored, everyone wants to beContinue reading “Confidence: Listen – Silence”

Confidence: Breathe C-A-L-M

Confidence: Breathe CALM Hello, My Friends Disappointment reaches into our lives when we least expect it. It can turn our world into a tail spin.Often when disappointment shows up it brings it’s friends, chaos and anxiety. Disappointment thrives on hurt, it loves to injure our feelings and take our power away. Confidence smashes disappointment becauseContinue reading “Confidence: Breathe C-A-L-M”

Confidence: Know the FACTS

Confidence: Know the FACTS Hello, My Friends Today we are talking about Know the F-A-C-T-S Life is all about giving us what we want. (Even the stuff we think we don’t want, is the flip side of what we do want, and shows us that we don’t want it)Getting things we think we don’t wantContinue reading “Confidence: Know the FACTS”

Confidence: The Cloak of Invincibility

Confidence: The cloak of invincibility Hello, My Friends Things will not always go the way we want them to.People will not behave the way we think they should.We won’t always do what we know we should.And sometimes we will do things that we know we shouldn’t. The question is how do you respond when lifeContinue reading “Confidence: The Cloak of Invincibility”

Confidence: Managing Disappointment

Confidence: Managing disappointment. Hello, My Friends Confidence is not all about flowers and rainbows. Confidence is about how you see yourself. Being confident in your ability to cope with the situations that come into your life will not make you immune to disappointments. The way you face and deal with disappointing circumstances and people willContinue reading “Confidence: Managing Disappointment”

Confidence: Friendships have an impact

Confidence: Friendships have an impact Hello, My Friends Friendships are priceless, and they affect your confidence more than you may think. Apparently we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with!The average wealth of these people will be what you earn.The average way they treat people will be the way you treatContinue reading “Confidence: Friendships have an impact”

Confidence: Your style hiding in your posture

Confidence: Your style hiding in your posture. Hello, My Friends Your body language says so much about who you think you are.There are people who study what people are saying by the way they walk, stand, sit or rest.Apparently our every movement indicates our subconscious belief about ourself and the world we live in. WeContinue reading “Confidence: Your style hiding in your posture”

Confidence: One outfit at a time

Confidence: One outfit at a time. Hello, My Friends Are you a track pants kind of person?Do you dress down when you are at home, where no-one is going to see you? I know some-one who sees you every day.This person is the most important person in your life. Imagine you are meeting some-one youContinue reading “Confidence: One outfit at a time”

Confidence: Choose your level

Confidence:Choose your level? Hello, My Friends Did you know you get to choose your level of confidence? Confidence, like courage is a choice. You get to decide on the quality of self-talk that you tell yourself.You get to decide on the quality of emotion you create with those thoughts.When these two elements are positive andContinue reading “Confidence: Choose your level”