Become a Hero in History

Do you remember any of these items? Most are lost to archives and museums.

History captured is…

History remembered.

Capture your history before it is gone.

Your story today is the future generation’s history.

Hello, My Friends

This week hubby and I have been working on filling in his family tree.

Back in the day they didn’t take photographs like we do now.

It appears that after 3 or 4 generations records become scarce, and hard to verify.

This got me thinking about what we leave behind, once our time is up.

Great aunts and uncles are remembered only by the living, and when the people of their generation pass on what happens to all those stories.

If they are not recorded somewhere, written down or made note of they are forgotten forever, as if they never happened.

We have many photographs of family portraits, or family outings and no way of identifying who these people are, and what the significance of the event was.

We put so much effort in to living our lives, gaining things and doing stuff, making memories in the hearts of those who share our lives with us.

If we don’t take the time to pass on the stories of our past and our history, no matter how sordid it might have been, in three or four generations we become an unknown picture in an album, collecting dust on a shelf.

What does it take to make a lasting difference for generations to come?

In one hundred years from now, looking back. What are the stories our great grand children will be told about how we lived our lives, the struggles we faced, the things we did for fun?

Will they be told of the hero’s journey we took to change the way we look at ourselves?

Who will define you?

What in history will define you?

How do you want to be remembered?

What if now was the time to begin to write your story?

Write it in the hearts and minds of our next generations, our children and grand children, and great grand children.

What if now was the best time to begin to share your stories with your sons and daughters?

Telling them about the lives of your parents and grand parents.

Tell the story from a heroes point of view.

How they overcame obstacles.

How they conquered things we can’t even comprehend.

The life they lived, reflected the beliefs of the time they lived in, how they worked and loved and lived within the confines of generational belief systems, and how they fought to free themselves of those very confining beliefs.

We have the opportunity today, and every today we live from this day forward to make an impact on our personal beliefs and the beliefs our children and grand children inherit.

We have the privilege of shaping the future for generations to come.

The way we feed our minds good quality thoughts and ideas, or the way we choose to respond and react to the stressors in our lives are the basic building blocks of humanity.

Write your story in the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Write your stories on paper, add names and details to the photographs in your albums.

Build a legacy of remembrances, so when future generations look at the yellowed and stained photographs they know who they are looking at, and the life they lived, so that we could live ours.

When you take photos now on your digital devices, remember to add the back story, tag people and places, make the memory of the event live on in the lives of future people.

Make your life count, you are valuable, your contribution to mankind is important.

You get to decide what it will mean to the future generations. Make it mean the world.

Capture your families history, live your everyday with your future generations in mind, let your actions today speak for years to come.

Until next time,

Write your history and your story from the hero’s point of view.

Linda Codlin

The Month of Self-Love: -Week Five

Self- Love is the gift that you give to yourself.

Self-love is your energy signature

Self -love is forgiving yourself

Self-love is allowing yourself to enjoy your life

Self-love is Celebrating you

Hello, My Friends,

Goodness, hasn’t this month flown by.

This is the final review for the Month of Self-Love. So many great things to learn and do, showing your brain you love yourself without conditions.

This week has flown by. Hubby and I went out with friends for an evening playing pool. So much fun. Why is it that the danged little white ball loves to skive off into the corner pockets, without warning too. I’m no master at the pool table, but I did enjoy the company and the game.

This week we begin on day 22. If you want to catch up on the previous days of Self-Love head over to Facebook and look for me @lindacodlin25, or @authenticlivingwithlinda and you will be able to scroll through the entire month and glean the pearls that your life needs right now.

Okay so on Day 22 we were talking about energy.

Energy is always in motion, it is never static. This is one reason why change is a constant reality.

In the human body this energy is transmitted by electromagnetic waves that are created by vibrations between an electric field and a magnetic field. Our body produces tiny impulses, that our brain transmits along neurological tracks, it is believed that every cell in our body can communicate with every other cell via these electromagnetic waves.

What great news for restoring health and well being to our bodies.

As we have the ability to influence these vibrational impulses, we have the ability to increase our health.

Our physical body is always communicating with us. Often we are too busy or preoccupied to listen to the signals it is giving.

If we don’t read the signal when they are small, our body will use bigger signals to get our attention.

Headaches, stomach upsets, tight muscles, clenched teeth are all ways our body is trying to tell us some-thing.

All our feelings and emotions begin in the brain as a thought.

We get to control the thoughts that we think, what we don’t get to control is how the body interprets those thoughts and then reacts with our bodies.

Self-Love is the mindful act of becoming aware of what your body is trying to tell you.

Self-love is having the courage to investigate the cause of your bodies dis-stress, to look at what vibration is pulsing through your body.

Do you have blockages that prevent your electromagnetic waves from flowing easily?

These blockages could be the thoughts that are keeping you from getting the results you want in your life.

These electromagnetic waves can be likened to the frequencies of a radio wave. When you tune your radio into a station you are picking up their vibrational frequency. And only while you’re on the same frequency as the radio will you hear the music. Once you move out of range the frequency will be lost.

This is kind of how I imagine the electromagnetic waves work in our bodies. The higher your vibration the easier it is for your life to flow.

When there are no blockages the energy vibrates freely and moves freely.

When we have a ‘negative’ thought, this thought impacts our energy flow.

I believe all our thoughts and feelings are valid and show us some thing we need to know. ‘Negative’ or ‘positive’ are terms we have placed on them depending on the flow of our energy vibration.

If you want your energy to flow freely through your body, life and beyond, then you need to investigate what your body, through feelings and emotions is trying to tell you.

It is through electromagnetic vibration that we read people, we get a sense of who they are and what they are about. This is your ‘gut feeling’ and shouldn’t be ignored.

Your mind deciphers these vibrations and lets you whether you are safe or not. And then your brain send signals to your body to act.

Use your electromagnetic field to improve your life, learn to move up the vibrational frequency range, clear the static, and unhealthy, unhelpful thoughts and actions.

Live your life on purpose.

Think deliberately.

Ask your body what it needs. (Then listen for the answer, and give it what it really needs.)

Day 24 we looked at forgiveness, this is one of the quickest ways I know to change your vibrational frequency. Holding on to unforgiveness is like hanging onto a chain strapped around your leg with the key in the lock.

Forgiveness is some thing we do for ourselves.

It has nothing to do with the event that is causing you pain.

On day 24 I explain how I came to the discovery that forgiveness is all about freedom, freeing me from the invisible cords that held me captive to the people I perceived had hurt me.

I wrote a blog about the process I used called ‘Invisible cords That hold you back’ in Aug 2020 if you want to have a look at it.

I use the four step approach of

1) I’m sorry

2) I forgive you ( Forgive me, for my part)

3) Thank You

4) I Love you

These 4 steps have been so powerful to the freedom I have today.

They have cut the cords and removed the arrows that were causing me so much pain.

Forgiveness of yourself is vital for self-love. How can you love yourself when you constantly nag and beat yourself up for mistakes in your past?

Begin the process of removing the toxic arrows and the invisible cords that hold you bound to the hurts and people from your past. Freedom is waiting for you. Your electromagnetic waves are waiting for you to move into the next vibrational level, and forgiveness is one of the paths to do this.

The fruits of forgiveness are (day 25)

  1. Emotional Freedom- (Which spills over into every realm of your life.)
  2. Resilience- (Freedom from the opinions and agenda of others.)
  3. Love- (Self-Love, You can only love others to the degree that you love yourself.)
  4. Grace- (The space to be human and have human experiences and emotions)

You set the standards of your life, Set your standards high.

Self-love is about standards, what you value, how you want to be treated, how you show up for yourself.

Perfectionism is not self-love, perfectionism keeps you locked up in the tower of appearances.

You have to act or look a certain way to be lovable, acceptable or worthy.

This is untrue, you get to act and look however you want to. My caution with this -look at the results you are getting by choosing to act or look the way you are.

Are you happy with your results?

Do your results satisfy the person you know you really are?

Are you living your life to some-one else’s agenda?

Are you constantly seeking the approval and validation of others?

When we live in perfectionism, we tend to have a lot of negative self chatter, telling us how bad we are, how we’re not as good as other people, living in fear we will be discovered for the fraud we feel we are.

By accepting who you are, what you like and don’t like is the beginning to breaking free from having to be perfect.

You set the standards to your life.

Why set them so high you will never maintain them?

Why set yourself up to fail when you don’t need to?

Be realistic about your strengths and limitations.

Perfection is an illusion, it is unattainable, and unmaintainable.

The cost of perfection is your soul.

Choose freedom for yourself.

Choose self-love by setting manageable standards and letting those in your life know what they are.

Does the very thought of setting standards for yourself grip your heart in fear?

On day 27 we discuss fear as another illusion of modern day life.

Fear is a healthy response to danger.

We have four responses to fear.

1) Fight (Our body gets a surge of adrenalin and we move towards the danger)

2) Flight ( We also have a surge of adrenalin but we run away as far and as fast as we can from the danger)

3) Fright/Freeze (We go into shock and are unable to move. Our body does not respond.)

4) Flow ( To weigh up the situation and decide to go with it, not to resist.)

F= False

E= Emotion

A= Appearing

R= Real

Fear drives us to do so many things that we would not ordinarily do.

We are afraid to feel our emotions, so we eat, we drink, we gamble, we play computer games, we binge on movies.

Fear has us living small and insignificant lives.

Emotional fear is an electromagnetic vibration surging through your body.

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion that is triggered by the perception of danger real or imagined.

By looking at the triggers of your unpleasant emotions you can move from fear to freedom.

Behind ever trigger is a thought.

Your job is to discover what that thought is. And to create a better more helpful thought.

Remember every-thing is created twice.

Once with your thoughts

Twice with your actions.

You get to decide what you want to think about the fear that has held you captive.

You get to move your thoughts closer to what you want.

On day 28 we look at the thought ladder and who to use it move your thoughts from a place of I can’t to I can.

A thought ladder is basically a ladder of thoughts that your brain can believe as you take action in moving towards your goal.

Without the incremental stages of the ladder your mind argues with your new thought or belief.

To unravel the thought that is holding you captive, you get to look at the fear.

  1. Name the Fear. ‘The fear of rejection’
  2. Investigate where it came from. What was happening at the time? (Speaking in front of the class at school)
  3. Was it a real danger or perceived danger? (Perceived)
  4. Where do you feel this fear in your body? (Throat)
  5. What emotions rise to the surface? (Awareness of being visible)
  6. Give this emotion a one word name. (Embarrassment)
  7. What is the thought behind the emotion? It will be a short sentence. ( I look like a fool.)
  8. What is the opposite thought? (I know what I’m talking about.)

The top of your thought ladder will have ‘I know what I’m talking about and I speak in public to large audiences with confidence.’

The bottom of your ladder would have what your fear is now. ‘I can’t speak in public to save myself.’

The rungs on the ladder will have statements that you can move into believing. Things like ‘I can speak” your brain says yes that’s true.

Next step could be, “I can speak one on one in a group.”

Each step is a little more believable to your brain, and is backed up with action.

As you practice each action and gain more experience and evidence your brain believes what you are telling it and eventually you will be speaking to large audiences in public without fear.

I cover this in more detail on day 28 on my Facebook Page @authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25

I am creating a Pleasure portfolio to record and remind me that life is intended to be enjoyed, to have fun and to work out what I actually like to do. It is a bit like the Bucket List, but for enjoyment.

The pleasure portfolio has been instrumental in my trying out new and different meals, activities and variations of things I already know I like. I ask myself questions like.

What is your favourite perfume to wear?

What is your favourite flower and why?

What is your favourite healthy food?

When did you last whistle?

When did you jump for joy last?

Each of these questions leads to an action, which I record in my book and when I do it I tick it off and write how I felt about it.

This has seen me facing a few unfounded fears, and dredging a few real ones that need heading off before they can cause havoc else where in my life.

I would encourage you to make a list of the things you used to like and try them out again to see if they are still something you can do or want to do.

Finally I covered celebrating.

This is something I feel we as the human race do not do enough of.

We don’t give ourselves a pat on the back when we have done some thing well.

We seem to be so focused on the next thing on our list, we forget to look back at what we have done.

To feel the pride of a good job well done.

We don’t celebrate the small and insignificant successes that we achieve everyday.

Celebrate drinking 7 glasses of water.

Celebrate your children coming home from school all excited about their day.

Celebrate the flowers growing in your garden.

Celebrate your friends, your husband/wife, your partner and children.

There are a thousand different ways you can celebrate, all the victories that you have in a day.

Celebrate when you didn’t reach for an extra serving of food.

Celebrate when you know you responded better to your snappy colleague.

Create a little routine for yourself to acknowledge all the things you do well. It might be a small fist pump, or a quick two step, it might be an invisible arm rub. up and down your arm, or a quick hand clasp. Only you (and your brain) know the significance of the action.

Watch as your brain cotton’s on to what you are doing. It will begin to show you more things you do right and that are worth celebrating.

By celebrating you are raising your emotional vibrational frequency which draws more good things to you.

I hope you have gained a few tips and tools that you can use on your journey to more self-love.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page, I will be adding more tips and tools as the year progresses.

Until next time

Discover you, find out who you are, what your authentic self looks and feels like.

Give yourself the love you deserve.


Linda Codlin

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The Month of Self-Love: Week Four

Hello, My Friends,

This week I stepped out of my comfort zone. I dared to go down the hydro-slide at the local swimming pool with my grandson. Something I have never done before. The orange slide was fun, slipping and skidding along aware of the water and the next twist and turn in the tunnel. However the black tunnel was a completely different kettle of fish, so to speak. It was pitch black, you couldn’t see anything in front of you. The twists and turns happened with you not knowing which way you were going. As an adult with a strong dislike for being in a tube, filled with water, in the pitch black I think I did very well. Grandson loved that I went with him, as my body weight gave him more speed and propelled him around the corners better than on his own.

Every-time I step outside my normal operating parameters, I gain a little more confidence in myself. I feel proud of myself for pushing the envelope. For every fear faced, that is one less fear to hold me back on my journey to authenticity.

At the beginning of January I began to write daily about my journey to self-love and the lessons I have learned. We are into week four. I’m sharing them on Facebook. Look for me @authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25.

I ended last week’s, Month of Self-Love by looking at our environment.

Our environment is made up of three categories.

  1. Our body and health
  2. Our living spaces
  3. Our connections with others

I began this week with how self-love is expressed in our living and working spaces.

Our exterior environment reflects our interior self image.

The way we think determines how we feel.

Everything we do, is to gain a certain feeling.

Feelings are the driving force behind all our actions.

An action repeated often enough becomes a habit.

Habits determine how we do, what we do.

It is in your every day activities that your future is decided.

Your home and work space is an indication of whether you are in harmony within yourself. Often the outer environment will tell a story about your emotional position within yourself. Clutter, holding onto things that you don’t like or don’t want because of past memories. Living without order due to being overwhelmed, Chaos without structure. These are internal emotions that are revealed in our external environments.

On Day 16 I talk a little about my journey of creating harmony with my home and work environment and my internal emotional environment.

The third part of our environment is with family, friends, and work colleagues.

This concept was ground breaking, and continues to be one of my greatest challenges.

In Day 17 I discuss the three types of business.

  1. God’s Business: (Universe’s Business) This is the business you have no control over. This involves things like the weather, the global economy, the political arena. Everything that is beyond your immediate control. These are God’s concerns, and because you can’t effect a direct change in the situation they are best left to God or the Universe.
  2. Their Business: (Everyone Else’s Business) This business you also have no control over. You can not make other people live the way you want them to. This is the business that most people like to play in. Telling other people how they should be living their lives.
  3. Your Business: This is the only business you can control. You can control everything that is in your direct control. You get to control your thinking and your actions. You get to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. This is your play ground.

When we learn to live in our business and leave the other two businesses alone, we get to make the biggest strides in being responsible for ourselves, and our friends and family members get to be responsible for themselves.

The art of loving yourself involves you removing yourself from the chaos and drama of other people’s lives.

It involves you putting safe boundaries around yourself.

Ask yourself regularly. What can I do to change this? If the answer is nothing. Then look at whose business it is. Is it God’s Business? Is it someone else’s Business? or is it Your Business?

If you are always in someone else’s business rescuing them from their drama, they never get the opportunity to handle their own lives and take responsibility for themselves and their actions. You become their scapegoat, they blame you if it turns out badly. Don’t give your power away. Use it to impact your life.

If in doubt always ask yourself, Do I have direct control over this situation? If not stay out of it. Your business is about taking full responsibility for you. (Being response able to yourself.)

I cover this topic in more detail on days 16, 17, and 18 of my Facebook page @authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25 be sure to head over and check it out.

From the three Businesses, I moved to triggers.

A trigger is anything that sparks an intense emotional reaction, regardless of your current mood, they can include memories, experiences, and events.

Being triggered, is one way our brain is trying to keep us safe. (This is the brains main job, survival.)

A trigger is generally a reaction to an event that has occurred in your past. It is calling our body to action, to move away from a perceived danger.

Often we don’t realize we are triggered until we look at our response, or some-one else calls us out our behaviour.

Awareness is the beginning of change.

You can’t change what you are not aware of.

On day 19 I cover one strategy on how I work through when I’m being triggered.

Often triggers are caused by being in some-one else’s Business and trying to get them to live to your values and beliefs, which causes conflict.

This conflict can show itself as stress in your life.

On Day 20 and 21, I cover stress and how you can manage it.

Stress is your body’s response to anything that requires action or attention. My favourite definition of a stressful situation is: One in which the demands of the situation threatens to exceed the resources of the individual.

So if we extended our resources and our resourcefulness we could reduce our stress levels.

A lot of stress is caused by being in someone else’s Business as I have mentioned, as you learn to stay within your business, and hand back the responsibility of other people’s business to them, you will find some of your stress leaving you.

Mental resilience is another way to deal with stressful situations.

Everything is created twice, once in your mind, and twice in your reality.

This means you have the ability to change your reality.

Investigate what you are thinking about a situation.

Look at where your stress is coming from. Look for the underlying thought, feeling or emotion.

Disarm these and you will be able to disarm your stress response.

I learned to become more mentally resilient against stress and emotional triggers by putting into practice looking at the facts, (without emotion), asking myself whose business is it? And working out strategies to increase my resources and the boundaries of my own business.

Head over to authenticlivingwithlinda on Facebook or to Lindacodlin25 to read the full episode.

I have listed 8 ways to help you overcome stress on Day 21.

These are

  1. Reduce your feelings of overwhelm.
  2. Be extra kind to yourself.
  3. Share your feelings with a trusted friend, family member or life coach.
  4. Keep a journal.
  5. Eat for nutrition.
  6. Move your body.
  7. Get plenty of sleep.
  8. Practice relaxation methods.

By implementing these into your daily routine you can move into a life with less stress and more ease.

You have a choice.

If you can think a thought about the stressors in your life, you can change that thought and the stress that goes with it.

Self-love is taking the road less travelled.

By implementing some of the tips and strategies I have talked about here and on my Facebook page, your love and respect for yourself will increase.

You will find with consistent action and tweaking of action, that you will rediscover who you really are, and how wonderful you really are.

Once you strip away the veneer of who you think you ‘should’ be and step into who you are and who you want to be, your relationship with yourself becomes authentic. You allow yourself to like what you like without apology.

You move from stressed out to calm and deliberate.

You become some-one who isn’t easily offended or manipulated.

You begin to Love who you really are, where you are right now.

Until next week, when we cover the last week of The Month of Self-Love. Set yourself a goal to figure out what is Your Business, and create a plan on how you can stay in it.

Linda Codlin

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Self-Love is within you.

Self-love is managing your stress.

Self-Love is knowing your business and staying in it.

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The Month of Self-love. Week Three

Hello, My Friends

Have you ever been talking about something you thought you had mastered, and wham, life rears up and kicks your butt. Just to remind you that it’s not as sorted as you thought it was.

This week has been a week of solidifying and putting into practice the things I believe to be true.

It is when we are under fire and duress that our true beliefs surface.

This is a good thing, you can not heal what you can not feel. “Negative” situations usually have a pearl of wisdom deep on the inside. This week I have been pearl hunting. Looking at my triggers and the underlying beliefs that give them life.

At the beginning of January I began to write daily about my journey to self-love, the lessons I have learned. We are into week three. I’m sharing them on Facebook. Look for me @authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25.

I began this week of the month of self-love looking at our gifts and talents. YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND.

There is no-one like you, you are the only one to have experienced your life your way.

You have something unique to share that no-one else can. You are the only one that will touch the lives of certain people, without you and your story, told your way, some will miss out on vital information that only you have.

With the gifts and talents that we have been given, we also have been given the abilities to use these to there greatest advantage.

You can read more on Day 10 of The Month of Self-Love @lindacodlin25.

There is one thing that is deadly to self-love.

It is something each and everyone of us has been a party to until we learn not to be.

This one thing is deadly to implementing our unique gifts and talents.


Comparing ourselves to others, comparing our ideas to the ideas of other people.

Comparisons quickly feed into not being good enough, or worthy enough to catch your dreams and put in the action to make them reality.

When we compare ourselves to others we never compare ourselves favourably, we either put others on a pedestal, and think they are better than us. Or we put ourselves on a pedestal and think we are better than others.

The truth is we are all humans, on a very human journey. We are all the same, we all have fears, we all have insecurities, we all have doubts.

The only comparisons we should ever make is with ourselves by asking, “Am I better today than I was yesterday?” and your answer will determine what your next move will be.

If you are going to strive, strive to be the best that you can, at being yourself.

Self-love is all about discovering the real you, the one you keep hidden for fear of being judged, for fear of being compared and coming up short.

Have the courage to look at what you love, and add that to your daily life.

Have the courage to accept you, all the human aspects of your life. You have strengths and weaknesses like every other human who walks this earth.

The freedom to be yourself comes when you learn to accept who you are right now.

The art of accepting yourself as you are, creates a space in your heart to allow you to be safe and look at what is really driving you to do what you do.

Self-love is built on the ability to accept you, read more on Day 12 of The Month of Self-Love: Facebook page ‘authenticlivingwithlinda’ or look up ‘lindacodlin25.’

Part of loving ourselves is loving our environments. The art of being at home. There are three aspects I cover.

  1. Our body and health
  2. Our living spaces
  3. Our connections with others

On days 12, 13 and 14, I talk about style and how our style says so much about us, without us having to say a word.

Style includes the way we treat our bodies, and how healthy we are, Style also involves the clothes we wear and the way we wear them. Style is about the way we carry ourselves and care for ourselves. It’s about knowing who you are and owning yourself.

Self-love is all about giving yourself the best. Give yourself the best posture, walk tall, stand straight, sit elegantly, with poise.

Own your own space, make it yours. Command yourself with confidence, let others know you are there by the way you move and own yourself. When you walk into a room be assured you are worthy, you have what it takes. Style is about your attitude, let yours be positive and confident.

Work with your body, and your body will work with you.

Body and health within the topic of self-love can become the sole focus, for change.

Remember if we are going to create permanent change we start with our thoughts, our thoughts dictate our feelings which dictate our actions.

Also our actions can change the way we feel, and think.

It is a self perpetuating cycle, one reinforces the other.

We need both aspects to create permanent change. Without action you are sitting in the same space you were before. Without changing your thoughts you will continue to do the same actions you were doing and so get the same results you have always got.

This week read the daily entries, do the challenges and give yourself the gift of love and life improvement.

Discover who you really are, let your authentic self out of the box you’ve been hiding in and continue on your journey of SELF-LOVE.

Until next week my friends, I hope to see you everyday this month, be true to yourself.

Linda Codlin.

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Self-Love is within you.

Self-love is accepting your unique gifts and talents

Self-Love is knowing you are enough.

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The Month of Self-Love Week Two

Hello, My Friends

This week has seen me tenting in the Ruahine Ranges, with my daughter and grand children. I pitched my tent under the Kereru (NZ Wood Pigeon) super highway, all we watched the graceful flight of these heavy birds with their wings displacing the air giving the whoosh sound that lets you know they are there. We listened to the Morepork echoing their distinctive call through the valley, My grand daughter announced the next morning, ‘”I didn’t get any sleep last night because the morepork’s were moreporking all night”

For the month of January I began to write daily about my journey to self-love, the lessons I have learned. We are into week two. I’m sharing them on Facebook. Look for me @authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25.


The power of “AND”

On the road from I can’t to I can is the little word “AND”.

I learned to use the word ‘AND’ after a negative I can’t statement to give my brain the opportunity to change the thought into something slightly better and believable.

“I can’t write a blog post”, became…

“I can’t write a blog post AND I’m going to write one paragraph on one subject I know and love.”

The I can’t became an action I could take.

Then I added a second ‘AND’ to the “I can’t publish it because it’s not good enough.” to make it AND “I’ll check for basic spelling and punctuation errors then I’ll publish it” “Near enough is good enough, and imperfect action is better than no action.”

Then I faced my fear and sent it off.

The miracle of a little “AND” that gave me space to move from a negative self defeating statement to a more helpful statement that allowed me to take imperfect action.

The lesson in this is to accept your I can’t and move it into the land of I can by adding “AND” to it with an action that you can complete, even if the action is done poorly in your opinion, you have moved from I can’t to I can.

“AND” gives your brain something to focus on, it goes to work to find an action to add to your and, creating forward motion. To read more head over to Jan 5th @lindacodlin25 on Facebook.

Creating a new way of thinking and believing can be done with repetition.

I have found that AFFIRMATIONS are the quickest way to reprogramme my brain to allow me to move forward into the beliefs I want to hold about myself.

Briefly, an affirmation is a statement you make when you agree with something. The Affirmations you want to use are spoken as a positive fact. To be effective it needs to be written in and stated in the positive present tense.

The two most important words the human brain understands is “I AM”

I AM tells your brain exactly who you are and what you want to do, have and be.

When-ever you use the words I Am or I’m… The brain says, “Oh! I understand you want me to find ….. ,” and it begins to search for evidence and scenarios that back up your I am statement.

Always give your brain positive, and forward looking things to focus on. Your brain needs specific direction, give it specific direction with your I am statements, and AFFIRMATIONS.

The way you see yourself has a direct impact on how you are able to love yourself. By adding one I am statement into your day, you can move toward loving and accepting yourself more.

Write ‘I AM ENOUGH.” on your mirror and read it at least five times a day for thirty days, let the words permeate into your mind and soul.

Choose an area of your life to want to improve, write one or two affirmations in the positive present tense onto a small wallet sized card and carry them with you. Read them every time you think negatively about yourself, feel the energy you want to create as you read your statement of what it is you want to have, be and do.

I cover affirmations on Days 6 & 7 on my Facebook Page, @authenticlivingwithlinda @lindacodlin25.

As human’s we will have negative emotions, our brains are wired to look out for danger, to protect us. Our brain is constantly scanning for things it perceives will harm us. As we have grown up we have been feeding our brain with information of what to look out for.

Our negative thoughts are our friends, they are here to keep us safe. When we ask them what it is they are trying to keep us safe from we get to uncover some of our hidden fears and road blocks that need to be eliminated to create the freedom we want to experience.

For you to enjoy the joys of life, you also need to experience the sadder side of life. To constantly experience one side of life without having the contrast of the other side is to diminish the ability to be human.

All human emotion is valid, it is what we choose to do with those emotions that makes the difference to how we live our lives.

On day 8 I cover “The Pollyanna Syndrome” @lindacodlin25 on Facebook.

For you to love yourself completely you will at some point need to acknowledge all your emotions, and investigate what they are in your life for. All emotion, ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ have a reason for being in your life, your job is to work out what it’s there for and whether it is still working for you or not.

This leads into day 9. Learning to retell your story to create acceptance and love for yourself.

The more resist our thoughts and feelings, the more they will pop up somewhere else in our lives to cause havoc. Resisting our feelings takes a lot of energy, trying to live up to other people’s expectations is hard work. Denying the effect situations had on our emotions causes our bodies stress.

We have a choice in how we respond to the past events of our lives. We get to choose to tell a better story. We are not our past! Our past is only in our memory, It is a story we tell ourselves about what happened, and usually when we struggle to love ourselves this story doesn’t help us to move forward into the future easily.

We get to decide what we want our past to mean, what story we are telling ourselves about the event.

If you can think a thought, you can change a thought. All thoughts are optional.

When we learn to separate the fact of an event from the emotion of that event, we create space to see the event without the emotions that cloud the facts. Which gives us space to be able to retell the story in a way that helps us to let go of the hurt, guilt and shame that holds us in bondage.

When we learn to let go of the hurt, guilt and shame we open up room in our hearts and souls for forgiveness and love of ourselves.

As the Month of January continues I will continue to write of my experience in learning to love and accept myself.

Head over to Facebook and look me up @lindacodlin25 and I’ll walk you through what I did to find my true self.

Until next week my friends, I hope to see you everyday this month.

Linda Codlin.

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Self-Love is within you.

Self-love is accepting all of you- even the not so nice attributes.

Self-Love is knowing you are enough.

Meet with me everyday for The Month of SELF-LOVE @lindacodlin25 in Facebook.

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The Month of Self-Love Week One

Self-Love is owning our story ,

loving ourselves through the process,

and is the bravest thing

that we’ll ever do for ourselves.

Hello, My friends

This week has flown by with bicycle rides, and sitting in the shade of the trees on the river bank watching the speed boats race, smelling the fuel and having our ears blasted by the super noise. Another enjoyment to add to my Pleasure Portfolio.

For the month of January I began to write daily about my journey to self-love, the lessons I have learned. I’m sharing them on Facebook. Look for me @authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25.


My definition of SELF-LOVE is knowing who you are, being at peace with your past, and trusting yourself to live into the future with the attitude of “Whoopie, Lets see how far this thing goes.”

SELF-LOVE is about being true to your inner self, it is about making the best decision for you, based on the information you have and where you see yourself in the future.

True SELF-LOVE is not about anyone else, even though you can take others into consideration with your decisions. Self-love is doing what you know to be best for you.

True SELF-LOVE often involves sacrifice, you sacrifice the immediate pleasure for the long term gain. And sometimes it’s the other way around, you participate in the pleasure of the now.

True SELF-LOVE is following the inner beacon that each of us have in us. It is doing the hard things, the unpleasant, and the uncomfortable things. It is also laughing and having fun, living without care, or the heaviness of responsibilities that can weigh us down.

True SELF-LOVE is about being truthful, with the core of who we are, it’s being the detective who investigates why we drink more than we know we should, and lifts the lid on why we continue to eat foods that we know are not healthful for our body’s.

It’s about looking under the surface and discovering what is really going on.

It’s about having fun, and enjoying the life you have now, pleasure and peace.

True SELF-LOVE is about letting yourself feel and be. Feeling the hurts of the past, gently so they don’t overwhelm you, sorting through the stories that are behind those hurts, and discovering the truth.

True SELF-LOVE is not for the faint hearted, it takes courage, guts, and grace.

It takes respect for yourself, to see your past and how it has shaped you to be the person you are today, reading this.

The good news is that as you take the steps to get to know who you really are, you will find treasures, love, acceptance, peace and strengths you have forgotten even existed.

I would even dare to say you will find or rediscover your ‘purpose’ and ‘passion’ that have become buried under the adult responsibilities, or the past hurts of childhood.




All thoughts are OPTIONAL.

This one little phrase is what set me on the road to reunite myself with me.

You see, if I can think a thought, I can also change that thought to think something better, a thought that enables me to be free from my past and the hang ups that followed me from childhood.

My intention for you is that this one phrase will sink deep into your soul to give you your power back as it did for me.

When you head over to Facebook to read my daily posts, you will find more tips on how I began to unravel the layers of hurt, guilt and shame.

Remember this is an ongoing process.

Everyday I find more areas that need setting free, so I can love myself unconditionally, I use these tools and tips almost everyday.





Self-love is your right and it’s within your grasp.

Head over to Facebook and look me up @lindacodlin25 and I’ll walk you through what I did to find my true self.

Until next week my friends, I hope to see you everyday this month.

Linda Codlin.

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SELF-LOVE is your right,

SELF-LOVE is within your grasp.

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15 Steps to SELF-LOVE

Hello, My Friends,

As the New Year steams into view, I thought I’d have a look at something I’ve been working on in my life. It is an area that I has made such a difference to the way I view everything. It is my hope that this topic will also help you to have the most fulfilling year in 2021.


My goal for the year 2020 was to love and respect myself first.

You see, I had a tendency to put the needs and requirements of everyone else ahead of my own, and then I’d feel hard done by, or used, or I’d pull out the martyr card. I’d get angry because what I needed wasn’t being fulfilled, but I didn’t really know what I needed to feel fulfilled.

This year I decided to love and respect me. The problem was I had no idea what that looked like.

I couldn’t imagine or even know what loving myself meant.

As we go through January’s month of SELF-LOVE I will be sharing some of the things I used to uncover what self-love looked like for me.

It is my hope that some of these tools will enable you to begin to bring some love for yourself into your life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this self-love road is a long one, it is a journey of discovery that I am still on. I still have many areas where, self-doubt, fear, scarcity, unforgiveness, guilt and shame live.

It is my intention to continue this journey using the tools I have found, and which I will share with you.

15 ways I started to build SELF-LOVE

  1. Becoming MINDFUL of the self chatter in my head.
  2. Self-talk, creating space between the negative to insert the positive.
  3. Affirmations- Giving my brain something positive to focus on. “I AM” statements
  4. Retelling the stories of my past in a better light.
  5. Realizing I am a “ONE OF A KIND’ and comparisons never help.
  6. Seeking out my inner GENIUS (We all have one)
  7. Getting real with my environment-
    1. My personal health (Weight, Body Functions, Fitness, Food)
    2. My living and working spaces (Clutter, My Stuff, Wardrobe)
    3. The people I hang out with (Work colleagues, Friends, Family)
  8. Learning to handle STRESS (We all have it and need it)
  9. That my ENERGY matters (How we do any-thing is how we do every-thing)
  10. Forgiveness- Setting myself free
  11. Releasing Perfectionism (Fear)
  12. Letting go of the CONTROLS (What we can control and what we can’t)
  13. Discovering my PLEASURE PORTFOLIO (What lights me up, enjoyment, fun, happiness)
  14. CELEBRATING, learning to notice and enjoy the wins in every day.
  15. Living AUTHENTICALLY WITH LINDA (Being true to me)

Over the coming weeks I will go into more detail on how I used each of these 15 ‘steps’ to improve the love I have for myself and how these ‘steps’ have changed my life.

This week I want to challenge you to think about what ‘SELF-LOVE’ means to you.

Do you instantly recoil from the term, self love?

What does it bring up for you? Whose voice do you hear in your mind, and what are they saying?

These are important questions to answer, they give the clues of why loving and respecting yourself has been difficult in the past.

Maybe you have self respect and love in one or two areas of your life, and struggle to see that work out into all areas.

It is my intention that over the next month I will give you some of the tools that I used to move me forward into a healthy relationship with myself.

Starting January 1st watch my Facebook page (@lindacodlin25) where I will be posting tips and tools on creating SELF-LOVE for 2021, Then weekly in this post I will review the main points.

Until then, love yourself with kindness and respect. Be your most authentic self.

Linda Codlin

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The Hidden Joy and Peace Within

Life brings Tears, Smiles, and Memories,

The tears dry, the smiles fade,

But memories last forever.

Hello, My friends.

This week I have had my granddaughter staying, we have been doing a lot of different activities. Things I’d forgotten I used to love, like riding a push bike, a genuine push bike- no peddling, no going type bike. We zoomed down hills, with our legs lifted off the peddles, enjoying the wind rushing past and struggled up the other side, wobbling with aching legs, laughing, hooting and hollering. We sat on the river bank, our fishing lines thrown out as far as we could manage, we laughed as we tangled them in the trees behind us, caught herrings for the cats, and a snotty twisty turning eel. They sure know how to wriggle and mess up a line. We have watched movies and just been us.

When was the last time you have just been you?

Do you even remember what it was like to be you?

When you were 7-13 what were the things you enjoyed?

Did you enjoy the great outdoors, camping, tramping and biking? Or did you prefer museums, art galleries and aquariums? Did you read books, comics, and magazines, discovering far off exotic places that excited your imagination, were you a pirate on the wild seas, or did you imagine living in luxury, in a massive castle with secret passageways and servants?

Remind yourself of all the fun days, you had dreaming about the unknown, and the thrill of discovering things you never knew before.

Remember the wonder of watching a caterpillar, spin itself into a chrysalis, then daily waiting for it to reappear, to find a beautiful butterfly, amazed at the transformation you had just witnessed.

Remember sitting on the side of the road watching the tar machine, spew out it’s hot, smelly, black goo all over the road, and wonder how the metal truck that followed never got stuck to the road.

Remember playing with your favourite doll, dressing her in the prettiest flowing dresses, pushing her in the pram, feeding her and cuddling her, dreaming of the day you’d be a mother.

Remember riding your bike, racing with the other kids, doing the time trials and beating your best time, soaring over the jumps, making the machine do the twists mid air, practicing and practicing until you could do it perfectly.

We remember these times as being carefree, when we didn’t have a worry or care.

As an adult we let these memories dissolve into the distant past, a memory, a feeling of a forgotten era.

This week I enjoyed the exhilaration of taking a few moments to recreate that feeling of freedom, to reawaken the lost joy of living. Living right now in this moment without an agenda, or a goal, or a desire.

Not thinking of all the things that need my attention, my worries about Christmas, shopping, meals, next years goals, this years uncompleted goals. None of that entered my mind.

I lived in the moment, enjoyed the wind on my face, enjoyed the pleasure of being free, enjoyed the feeling of having a body that ‘kinda’ responds when I ask it to.

I was free, I felt like I was soaring above all the cares and woes that hold me tethered to my life.

Yes, I know it was but for a moment, I had to return to reality, Christmas is still coming, shopping still needs to be done, and meals still need planning, cooking and cleaning up after.

But my spirit was lighter, I was smiling on the inside. I felt lighter.

I knew the abundance of being alive, of being free.

My challenge for you this week is to find the space to be yourself, to find that inner child and for half and hour set it free, dream the dreams of yesteryear without judgement, fear, or self ridicule.

Be yourself, your goofy, fun loving self. Sit outside at night and watch the stars sharing their twinkle dust with you. Sit in the park and listen to the children on the swings, squeal with delight.

Sit on the swing yourself and gently let it move you. (Safely)

Go for a walk among the trees, let the dappled sunlight caress your arms.

Get lost in a story, for the sheer joy of being a part of the story.

Let yourself, be.

When we came into this world we had an innate knowing we were enough, we knew we had everything we needed. We took a breath and then we breathed it out again.

Sit with yourself, take a breath in, and let it go, receive self love and let it go, breathe in self love, and then breathe out self love, let the balance of being you fill your body, and then send it into the Universe, Receive love and let it go.

When we learn to love ourselves first, we also learn to give love, Receive love, receive the inner peace that you are enough, and you are okay.

Feel the joy of being,

In January I plan on covering what self love could look like for you.

Until next week, make time to find your inner child and have some fun being you.

Linda Codlin.

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What does Self-Belief & Abundance Have in Common?


The land of abundance is big enough to accommodate us all, clear your abundant river of the boulders that hold back the waters.

Hello, My friends.

This week has seen me tick off one of the projects I have been working on. Wallpaper and painting done, the office is complete and ready to be refurnished. It feels so great to accomplish a goal, especially a goal that is as visual as a room make over.

This week I’ve been thinking about abundance and self belief and how they are intertwined.

Abundance is having more than enough of everything. As I mentioned in my Facebook post @lindacodlin25, I choose a word of the year, which I then use as a filter to sieve my thoughts and emotions through. My word for 2020 was ABUNDANCE.

There have been a few ways in which focusing on this word has changed my life. I am confident that these items will also change your life and the way you interact with wealth, money, and your self-belief if you begin to add them into your life.

1/ Becoming more grateful.

Yes! I’m sure you have heard about giving thanks for everything.

The grateful I’m talking about here is when you have an emotional response, you feel the gratitude in the pit of your stomach, tears well up in the back of your eyes, and you get that lump in your throat, when you feel over-whelmed and over-awed by the goodness of your life.

This gratitude changes the energy vibration within our cells, and attracts the the things we are grateful for. Abundance lives in an energy frequency, and when we tap into that frequency consistently, and do the actions that we know we need to do- (these tend to be the thoughts, or pictures of the mind, prompting us, which are extremely easy to miss in the busyness of our every day lives.) When we act on these promptings it sets the wheels in motion for the abundance to flow to us.

2/ Taking inspired ACTION from subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind never sleeps, it is always gathering data, and collating it. When we ask it a question it goes into over drive to find an answer, which shows up when we least expect it. Have you ever lost your car keys? You’ve done the mad dash looking and trying to remember where you were last. To find that as you give up and make other plans your mind tells you exactly where you left them. This is the secret of your subconscious mind.

Ask your subconscious mind great questions, and it will show you abundant answers, follow the instructions you are given and more abundance will follow.

Without action, these will just be wishes and dreams, they won’t become reality. For thoughts to become reality they needs legs, and usually the best suited legs belong to the mind who created the ideas. Take inspired action.

3/ Abundance likes to be treated with love and respect.

Having abundance is a mindset.

Have you ever seen a wealthy person who is too afraid to use their wealth for fear of losing it, or for fear that someone will take it away from them.

Abundance likes to be treated with respect.

Do you treat the items you have in your possession with respect? Do you take care of them? Do you use them wisely, not being too precious with them that they are for display only, or too rough with them that they break before their time?

Scarcity and lack are the opposites of abundance, and these are also mindsets.

If we can think a thought, we can change that thought.

With scarcity and lack we tend to want to hold onto our money and things tightly, grasping them so tightly they have no room to move, to flow in or out and back into our lives.

4/ When we give value to others, abundance flows to us.

Money is energy, for energy to be useful it needs to flow. When we hold onto anything tightly, it eventually feels suffocated and tries to escape the bonds that are holding it. Abundance is the same, the tighter you hold it, the less you have of it. When you give value to others, the doors of abundance swing open, it is a cycle of give and receive, give and receive.

Our very life is dependent on the principle of giving and receiving. As we inhale oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide, without the inhale, there would be no exhale, and without the exhale we wouldn’t be able to inhale. Give and receive. Our life depends on it.

Abundance likes to be held gently, tenderly. Let it flow in and flow out, and in again, balanced with the giving and receiving.

5/ Abundance comes where it is wanted, and stays where it is welcome.

As youngsters we learned what to think and feel about money and wealth. We pick up ideas of how people with wealth behave, positive and negative, we watch how our families, communities, and society interact with money and wealth, and how we treat each other in relation to wealth and money, then we drew up conclusions about whether we want it or not, and how we should behave around wealth and money.

Have you ever wondered why money comes to you easily, but never stays?

Have you struggled to earn money and keep it?

Do you find yourself saying things like, I can’t find the money to pay the bills? Reminding the children that money doesn’t grow on trees, telling yourself that you can’t afford to buy that and probably never will.

These are the thoughts that sabotage your abundance.

They act like a boulders in the stream of abundance, the wealth wants to flow to you, however it can’t get round or over these boulders. Only a trickle seeps to the other side. If we were to break the boulders up and remove them to unblock the river, abundance would flow, and we would have the riches to create the life we want and to impact the lives of those around us.

These boulders are thought patterns you have inherited from someone else, it is time to look at them and decide if they are serving you in the life you are living today and if they will serve you in the life you want to live tomorrow.

These thought patterns are within your ability to change.

Abundance and Self-Belief are intertwined, as you learn to trust and believe in yourself, you are willing to take the action that creates abundance.

What you tell yourself, about yourself, determines whether you think you are worthy, or deserving or good enough to receive abundance.

What you tell yourself, about yourself, also determines what action you will take.

If you perceive you are not worthy or deserving, or good enough, you most likely won’t even try.

I want to let you know, that you are worthy, deserving and good enough to begin the journey of changing the way you talk, to yourself and about yourself.

You are worthy, deserving and good enough to have abundance flowing through your life.

If I can move my life from a place of scarcity and lack up the scale into abundance so can you.

Begin with the steps above, trust your subconscious mind to find the best answers to your great and strong questions. Take the action suggested, follow your gut instinct, and see where it leads you.

Until next week, find your abundance within your authentic self.

Linda Codlin

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Christmas is calling are you ready?

Hello, My friends.

Christmas is looming at us quickly. This week flew by so quickly, I don’t think I had time to catch up with myself.

This week I thought I would scratch the surface of a gnarly subject so close to Christmas.


Do you have enough money to make your ends meet easily? Or are you stretched to capacity?

Do you feel like you never have enough money to do the day to day things, and now Christmas is almost here? Panic is setting in, anxiety over how you will pay the bills and get the gifts and the food, and still make the rent or mortgage.

What if I told you money is energy, it is a medium with which we exchange our energy.

Our energy is released in the things we do, that offer value to others and we are paid in relation to the value they place on our energy.

What are you doing to exchange your energy for money? Are you so valuable that if you stopped giving the service or product you exchange, there would be a huge gap and the company or people who employ you for your energy would struggle to replace you?

What would it take for you to be that valuable? How could you give more value? Be the most cheerful receptionist? Give the presentation that wows the sales team, that keeps them interested and motivated? Be the parent who gives your child love and understanding, teaching them they are enough?

Money is important. It is vital to the way we live in our world.

How we earn and invest our money says a lot about who we are. I have heard some say, that money corrupts good people, does it? Or was the ‘corruption’ already in their personality, just unseen.

I believe we get to decide what we believe about anything, and that includes money. Money can not corrupt if there is nothing for it to corrupt. Money can not do anything unless you choose to let it.

You may have noticed I said ‘invest our money’ instead of spending our money. It is a minor shift in wording, but it has a major shift in how we feel about the money we give to others. You are exchanging your energy for the items you wish to purchase, it is an energy exchange as well as a physical exchange.

When you go to the supermarket to purchase your groceries, instead of thinking I spent all that money, think I INVESTED all this money in our health and well-being.

Instead of paying your bills, think of the services, or products you are receiving and how investing in those services and products are making your life better or easier.

It’s a subtle shift, and it welcomes your money, it makes your money feel useful.

Imagine that your money was in a relationship with you.

Would it feel loved and welcome in your home? Does it get talked about with respect, or does it cause arguments and fights? Do you make time to treat your money well, or does it get neglected? Do you take your money out or does it have to hide, are you embarrassed by having money? or are you embarrassed because you don’t seem to keep money.

Money is a lot like people, it goes where it is welcome and stays where it is loved and respected.

How do you feel about money? Is it your friend? Does it come to you willingly? Does it stay with you from one payday to the next?

There are two ways to increase your money, Earn more than you spend, spend less than you earn. And save the difference, then make this money work harder for you that you did to earn it.

As we move into the Christmas season, be mindful of your money and the energy that you gave to earn it. Give it wisely, invest in your loved ones, invest in yourself.

As an aside, when you have debt, you are enslaved by the body you owe money to. If you can it is a good thing to get yourself free from the debt trap. The debt trap seems to suck the life and vitality out of our lives, leaving us feeling hopeless, helpless and trapped.

Feeling like I’ll never make ends meet, like there is more month than there is money, wishing if only I could buy…., feeling despondent because the kids need shoes, the car repair bill needs paying.

I get it, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like not to have food to put on the table, or money to buy clothes, to have a car that still has a balance owing on it and needs repairs done to it, to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay for school books and school clothes, to have that tight knot in my belly knowing that I have Christmas gifts to buy and the pressure to keep up with the “Rellies’ with a bank account in the single dollars.

Over time and with help, I got out of the debt trap, learned how to put money aside for necessities, and to save, to purchase what I need with the money I have and to pay off all the credit cards, car debt, and even the mortgage.

It is possible, it does take diligence and perseverance, it will seem difficult as you retrain your mind to better habits. I have found that the freedom of having money and an abundant mindset far outweighs the fear and shame of hiding from my situation, and not being in a great place with money.

I can help you to change your energy around your money, give you motivation, tools and support to move your finances in the direction you wish.

This week I challenge you to bless your money before you send it off on it’s mission to create a better life for you. Invest your energy, your money in things and services that expand and make you a better person this Christmas season.

Until next week, be true to yourself and investigate where you are with your finances.

Linda Codlin

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