Living Life Looking Forward.

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Living life looking forward is about looking into your imagination, and forward projecting yourself into the future. Your ideal future.

For me, my coach taught me to imagine myself as my future 90 year old self.
She is a woman who has achieved all the things I want to achieve. She is the embodiment of me as my ideal self.
The thing about imagining myself, or for you, yourself as your future successful self, is that you can be, have, and do anything your hearts desire.
Your future 90 year old self is wise, she has all the answers, she knows you better than yourself, she is your biggest fan, and your greatest supporter.
She is with you always.

When you are living your life looking forward, you go where you focus. Where are you focusing?
We also get trapped in the should’s and have to’s of daily life.
One way to move yourself forward to your dream life, is to go to your 90 year old self and reverse engineer what you did to get there. If you want to be an artist and your 90 year old self is, what steps did she take to get there?
Begin with little steps, then more little steps, building confidence and courage as you go.
A one degree shift, applied regularly will have you in a much different place in a year from now.
Your challenge is to go to your future self, and image what life would be like for you. Imagine your best life, why would you imagine anything less.
Then figure out what needs to happen between then and now.
And begin to map out changes.
You get to be you authentically, and others get to be them.
If you are not satisfied and fulfilled now, will you be satisfied and fulfilled in 5 years time if you don’t change anything? Probably not. Create your future now, with small steps facing forward.
Release your past, and step into your future by living authentically today.
Until next time, be your authentic self.
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oxox Linda. “

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